1. Make a list of active steps that could be taken to increase teacher salaries in your school. Be specific in making your list, then analyze both the strengths and weaknesses of your suggestions.

2. Go to the page "Start Your Online Business" on this site, then take positive action.


After twenty years experience in public school I made the transition to Christian schools. Twenty more years passed, and I wrote my first book, Radical Excellence.

Almost an autobiography of my professional career, this book takes a look at the present state of teaching, learning and leadership in our educational society today. Realizing there are no easy answers, several issues are addressed from the grassroots perspective.

For those who don't keep your library on shelves, but in a Kindle or other reader, Radical Excellence is also available as an ebook.

John Maxwell's Leadership 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know is an outstanding information book that is a "must read" for every Christian educator.

I continue to believe Christian schools could provide a necessary educational excellence to education. That excellence will happen as the quality and focused passion of leaders in Christian schools continues to improve.

Money Matters

Mission vs. Money.

Let’s be honest here. Money matters a great deal in Christian schools. From high tuition to low salaries, money (or the lack thereof) leads to many negative decisions.

Christian schools often face the conflict between mission and money. Too frequently, the lack of money wins the battle and the commitment to mission gets put off till another day.

When problems or programs that require money arise, leadership often abdicates their responsibility by saying, “We don’t have the money.” Those in charge should be asking the better question, “How do we get the money?” When that becomes the goal, the pursuit of vision continues.

There is always a way…

The present economic climate has created its own sense of urgency. Rather than abandoning our vision we need to attack the money problem with prayer, vigor and vision.

While we strongly urge boards of education to aggressively pursue raising faculty salaries to a competitive level, on this site we will describe alternative income sources that could aid the budgets of the Christian school and individuals within.

This lesson also suggests some effective curricular additions than have the possibility of bringing in extra funds for the school.

By following the suggestions presented in this lesson, the potential exists to have a significant increase in the income of both the school and individual faculty members.