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1. Do something with a friend you have wanted to do, but have never had or taken the time to do. Now is the time to make the time. Enjoy each other!

2. Do something special and unexpected for your best friend.

3. Always treat you spouse better than your best friend. Unless you spouse IS your best friend.

Proverbs 27:9

Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice.


After twenty years experience in public school I made the transition to Christian schools. Twenty more years passed, and I wrote my first book, Radical Excellence.

Almost an autobiography of my professional career, this book takes a look at the present state of teaching, learning and leadership in our educational society today. Realizing there are no easy answers, several issues are addressed from the grassroots perspective.

For those who don't keep your library on shelves, but in a Kindle or other reader, Radical Excellence is also available as an ebook.

John Maxwell's Leadership 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know is an outstanding information book that is a "must read" for every Christian educator.

I continue to believe Christian schools could provide a necessary educational excellence to education. That excellence will happen as the quality and focused passion of leaders in Christian schools continues to improve.

Find a Best Friend

It’s not just an eighth grade thing.

You will benefit when you find a best friend. Even adults need someone who they are extremely comfortable with, in good times or bad.

Right after your spouse, do you have someone you automatically call if something really good or terribly bad happens? Is there someone you automatically call for a round of golf, fly fishing a great river or just meeting for a chat at the coffee shop?

If you don’t have that person, should you?

David and Jonathan, James and John seem to be friend-sets that prove a good friend can prove invaluable when things go haywire.

Never walk alone.

Sometimes things happen that you can’t handle alone. Those are times when your ability to find best friend becomes critical. Having a best friend in those times can be life-changing.

Similarly, are you the friend to someone else who would give you the call when they were in desperate need?

Whether you and your best friend climb mountains, play chess or pray together, life is radically better when you share it with another.