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1. If you are the boss, consider bringing donuts and coffee for the staff once a month.

2. Plan a faculty/staff/administration "game day." Create teams, then compete in sports activities, board games and other things you can think of.


After twenty years experience in public school I made the transition to Christian schools. Twenty more years passed, and I wrote my first book, Radical Excellence.

Almost an autobiography of my professional career, this book takes a look at the present state of teaching, learning and leadership in our educational society today. Realizing there are no easy answers, several issues are addressed from the grassroots perspective.

For those who don't keep your library on shelves, but in a Kindle or other reader, Radical Excellence is also available as an ebook.

John Maxwell's Leadership 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know is an outstanding information book that is a "must read" for every Christian educator.

I continue to believe Christian schools could provide a necessary educational excellence to education. That excellence will happen as the quality and focused passion of leaders in Christian schools continues to improve.


One person at a time.

Capturing a positive collegiality in your Christian school begins with hiring the right people. Hire friendly and competent people and spontaneous collegiality has a good chance to exist.

We all have nuances of personality that can have profound impact on the group, positively or negatively.

Each person in a school must realize how they contribute as individuals towards the overall look and feel of the organization.

Are you alone in a group?

In many Christian schools, it is quite easy to exist independently and remote from the group dynamic. You can stay in your room at lunch, arrive at the last minute and leave at the last bell. Your colleagues see your name on a list and recognize you in faculty meetings, but other than that, know nothing about you, the real person.

Other more collegial employees take legitimate relaxation breaks, sitting and sipping while involved in great conversation. Some meet on the way to school for early morning coffee or stop by each others’ rooms just to chat.

Freedom to take a break.

One characteristic of most Christian schools is that there is ALWAYS more work to do. Some teachers live in a continuous state of busy. Grading papers, writing exams, counseling students, calling parents. This state of always being busy creates a day that never has a break or even a slow down.

If you are one of those A+ personalities, have you ever considered that you might actually become a better teacher by taking a relaxing break once in a while. If you are OCD, perhaps you could compromise and SCHEDULE your relaxing time.

Even now, understand that it is okay to take time and watch this lesson.