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1. Select three multiple choice questions from a test that you normally give. Turn those into good essay questions.

2. Create a blog that can be used as an online essay exam. You can see a sample of such an exam that I use in a college class where I am an adjunct professor.


After twenty years experience in public school I made the transition to Christian schools. Twenty more years passed, and I wrote my first book, Radical Excellence.

Almost an autobiography of my professional career, this book takes a look at the present state of teaching, learning and leadership in our educational society today. Realizing there are no easy answers, several issues are addressed from the grassroots perspective.

For those who don't keep your library on shelves, but in a Kindle or other reader, Radical Excellence is also available as an ebook.

John Maxwell's Leadership 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know is an outstanding information book that is a "must read" for every Christian educator.

I continue to believe Christian schools could provide a necessary educational excellence to education. That excellence will happen as the quality and focused passion of leaders in Christian schools continues to improve.

Learning and Testing

Forget the “Good ‘ole Days”… it’s now!

Procedures and strategies for learning and testing have changed radically over the span of my teaching career.

Multiple choice questions have become the norm, gradually replacing essay and discussion questions along with problem solving questions that require the showing of all work. The common core gives a glimmer of hope, but might not be the best answer for Christian schools.

Whatever happened to critical thinking?

Along with the demise of questions that require writing and showing work, we have observed a significant loss of critical thinking and analytical skills.

During the video portion of this lesson you will observe graphical trends that indicate a semi-quantitative analysis of the decline of critical thinking. You will see how the death of the “most common wrong answer” is indicative of the corresponding loss of critical thinking skills.

All is not lost. There are many functional and efficient strategies you can use that take advantage of multiple choice questions. You will learn how to increase learning and testing skills using the ideas proposed in this lesson.

After watching the video lesson on the site, you can download a PowerPoint presentation that gives many practical ways you can modify learning and testing events to bring school into a new dimension.