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1. Do something with technology you haven't done before.

2. Learn how to make a podcast. Show students how to download your work and use it for learning.

3. Do a Skype digital debate with another teacher. Project it for all to see on the digital projector.

4. Create a blog exam to discuss important topics in greater detail.

5. Learn how to use an iPad as a classroom controller for you PC and digital projector.


Learning and Technology

Technology takes time.

The effective use of technology in the classroom can seem like an overwhelming task. You may wonder where and how you can find the time to revolutionize your classroom. And we can show you how it can be done.

By now, the use of Excel, PowerPoint and YouTube is as natural as typewriters and ditto machines used to be. The present challenge is learning how to integrate more sophisticated and functional learning techniques seamlessly into our teaching. We need to learn how to do that integration without spending unbelievable hours preparing a four-minute online lesson.

Never let your phone be smarter than you.

Perhaps the most daunting task is learning how to train our students in the proper use of their smartphones and tablet computers into their own learning system.

It may be difficult to wean our students from the enjoyment component of their Electronic Enjoyment Devices, but with patience and persistence, it can be done.

The starting point for reaching this goal is to model the effective use of technology in our classrooms.

It’s not just normal academics, either. We can show students how to use blogs, forums and websites as evangelistic tools. Furthermore, the technology and knowledge we have can provide a source of income to pay for college or even create a lifetime career.

This lesson will present some practical steps you can utilize to increase productivity, efficiency and critical thinking.