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  1. Write a narrative evaluation of your own job performance from the point of view of someone over you in the
  2. Repeat Action Step One, but from the perspective of someone who follows you as a leader.
  3. Download and read the short essay entitled "Teaching as an Art Form." Write a response to the essay.

Hiring and Firing

I have some good news… and some bad news.

The good news is that great leaders in Christian schools often hire really good people. The bad news is that sometimes they end up getting fired.

Bringing a great teacher to your school produces amazing rewards, both individually and corporately. Having to remove someone, however, is a failure on both ends of the process. The person being fired is obviously distraught, and you as the leader will look back and wonder what could have been done differently to keep the situation intact.

Are you threatened by competence?

Sadly, the most unprofessional actions I have observed in my career center on administrators in Christian schools as they evaluate and remove very competent and effective teachers. It saddens me to say that, because the negative nature of this topic clouds the positive thrust of the site.

Putting the negative of hiring and firing aside, it is necessary to honestly address some glaring defects that exist in many Christian schools. In my opinion the two most glaring weaknesses in too many Christian schools are professional incompetence among school leadership and in the salary differentiation between Christian schools and the public sector. Fixing those two issues will be a huge step in the direction of making Christian schools the standard in education today.

So buck it up. Go through this lesson with an open and vulnerable mind. Then be brave enough to make the proper changes in the way you do leadership.