1. Describe an event or person you have experienced that encourages you to be or become a visionary leader.

2. Describe the most visionary thing you can imagine happening for your school.

3. Describe or discuss with a friend your biggest fear about becoming a visionary leader.

4. What characteristics about yourself either allow you to be (or prevent you from becoming) a courageous leader.

Joshua 10:25

Joshua said to them, “Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous. This is what the LORD will do to all the enemies you are going to fight.”

Courageous Leadership

Strong leaders encourage and empower excellence in others. On this page you can explore practical actions that enthuse those whom you lead to follow you, even as you follow Christ.

Some administrators have no need to develop courageous leadership characteristics. These are leaders who never do anything that rattles the status quo. If you never attempt risky or visionary tasks, life can be pretty safe and tame.

It’s easy to keep everyone happy if you never have an idea that shatters the mold of normalcy. If you happen to be the “yes man” in the organization, you will seldom be confronted with things that demand courage.
Courageous leadership is absolutely necessary, however, if you are the visionary leader who thinks beyond student schedules, room assignments and check-list teacher evaluations.

Are you envisioning new programs for your school? Do you have a plan to increase teachers’ salaries? Is a new plan of marketing your school flitting about in your mind?

Change Takes Courage

Change is seldom comfortable, even if it leads a group into positive places. Proposing and accomplishing such adventures is risky and often dependent on the ability of the leader to generate support and enthusiasm.

You intuitively know that courageous leadership is necessary when certain change is attempted. When your vision is God-initiated, the toughest opponent will be Satan working through the negativity and opposition of others. opposition or even failure, this lesson can provide some ideas or principles that help you have the courage to face whatever obstacles appear.

God called you to be a leader.

Be a great one.