Why This Site Exists

And Who We Are

There is a simple reason this site exists.

Christian schools could, and should, set the standard for education.

Unfortunately, such is not the reality. Christian schools too often exist on the periphery of teaching and learning. In fact, in many situations Christian schools are looked on with disdain or, maybe worse, completely ignored by the education community.

You see, it isn’t just a competing education system that creates opposition.

Christian schools are in battle with Satan himself. Thus, the entire conflict changes. The encouraging aspect, however, is that our Commander in Chief is God who empowers us with the Holy Spirit. His power and His Spirit cry out to be the strength evident in our weakness. When that happens, our God-driven actions transcend human effort and become Divine productivity.

The intriguing aspect of this mission is that we need to live in that balance of relying on God’s power while continuing doing our active part under His leading.

Why us?

My wife and I have over forty years combined experience in Christian school and a similar amount in the public arena. Between us we have a broad range of educational experience.

  • elementary
  • middle school
  • high school
  • special needs programs
  • department chair
  • college teaching

Those experiences alone do not give us the credibility to propose suggestions that can improve and sustain the effectiveness of Christian schools.

We believe our credibility arises from the fact that we have experienced both the highs and lows of Christian education. Not only have we experienced a variety critical events, but God has enabled us to grow significantly from both the positive and negative events we have lived through.

We have seen the strength of Christian school leadership shine in the humbleness of human weakness. Conversely, we have experienced the devastation of misguided leadership when leaders perceive power as theirs alone, relegating God to some other situation.

Finally, God has given us the courage to present our ideas in the public square, knowing confidently that what we say comes not from our own strength, but from our simple willingness to risk sharing our thoughts on this site.

We never pretend to suggest we have all the answers to improve Christian schools. Our goal is to present ideas and actions that might provide the ignition point for you, our readers, to actively seek God’s guidance and courage to start the process of making your Christian school a significant presence for God in your community.