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Help Your Vision Survive and Thrive

Times are tough.

  •     Enrollment is going down
  •     Expenses are increasing
  •     Competition is fierce
  •     Society is complacent

Christian schools CAN survive and thrive. The ideas and actions expressed on this site can help provide a blueprint for the success of your school. By trying those ideas and taking the proper action, powerful changes could occur in your Christian school.

  •     Enrollment could increase
  •     The income of the school and faculty could improve
  •     Creative solutions to other problems could occur
  •     A genuine Christian worldview could be taught and lived

Prime the Possibility Pump

An old-fashioned hand-operated pump needed water poured down into it to

prime the pump” by making an air tight seal that enabled the pump to work. The most important fact is simple. You can’t prime the pump by talking about adding water. You have to run the risk of using the small amount of water you have available to get the pump actually working.

Teamwork is Critical

The starting point for building a successful school is realizing the importance of individual action and accomplishment must be consistently focused on common goals and working towards achieving the vision of the school. Working together, common people can achieve uncommon results.

This site is divided into three main lesson sections of leadership, classroom and schoolwide components.  That division is reasonably arbitrary, and all sections should be explored by each individual. If you elect to show the video lessons in a group session, then that task can more easily be accomplished.

We invite you to explore our site and discover the philosophy and practicality you need to become radically excellent as you build a thriving Christian school. Prime your intellectual and motivational engines by exploring each of the following areas.

  • Leadership that inspires enthusiasm and action.
  • Classroom actions and attitudes that produce strong academics, positive student
  • acceptance and an integrated Christian worldview.
  • Schoolwide principles and practices that can create uniquely creative, quality schools.

The same kind of risk exists in creating a Christian school that has a powerful vision and then takes action towards achieving that vision. There is a risk, but the reward can be experienced by creating a school that is of genuine service to students and the community.

This site isn’t designed to solve your problems. What we suggest are priming ideas that can get you started on a productive path in developing and implementing your own unique solutions that take you another step in reaching the place your vision describes.